A note for paper presenters: If you are presenting a long paper (more than 4 pages), you have 20 minutes for your presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions. If you are presenting a short paper, you have 15 minutes for your presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions.

Session name Date Time
RegistrationSunday September 138:00-9:00
Opening remarksSunday September 139:00-9:10
Session 1: Avatars & FacesSunday September 139:10-10:30
  • Anna Wellerdiek, Martin Breidt, Michael Geuss, Stephan Streuber, Uwe Kloos, Michael Black, Betty Mohler, " Perception of Strength and Power of Realistic Male Characters"
  • Andreas Lambrant, Francisco Lopez Luro, Veronica Sundstedt, "Avatar Preference Selection in Game Design based on Color Theory"
  • Kerstin Ruhland, Katja Zibrek, Rachel McDonnell, "Perception of personality through eye gaze of realistic and cartoon models"
  • Katharina Legde, Susana Castillo, Douglas Cunningham, "Multimodal Affect: Perceptually Evaluating an Affective Talking Head"
Session Chair:
Coffee breakSunday September 1310:30-11:00
Keynote speakerSunday September 1311:00-12:00
Michael Black portrait

Michael Black is a keynote speaker for the Symposium on Applied Perception 2015.

LunchSunday September 1312:00-13:30
Session 2: Materials & ColorSunday September 1314:00-15:40
  • Jiri Filip, "Analyzing and Predicting Anisotropic Effects of BRDFs"
  • Rodrigo Martín, Julian Iseringhausen, Michael Weinmann, Matthias Hullin, "Multimodal Perception of Material Properties"
  • Carlos Aliaga, Carol O'Sullivan, Diego Gutierrez, Rasmus Tamstorf, "Sackcloth or Silk? The Impact of Appearance vs Dynamics on the Perception of Animated Cloth"
  • Mekides Assefa Abebe, Tania Pouli, Jonathan Kervec, "Evaluating the Color Fidelity of ITMOs and HDR Color Appearance Models"
Session Chair:
Coffee break & poster sessionSunday September 1315:40-16:20
Session 3: Distance and Size in Virtual EnvironmentsSunday September 1316:20-17:40
  • Eunice Jun, Jeanine Stefanucci, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Michael Geuss, William Thompson, "Big Foot: Using the size of a virtual foot to scale gap width"
  • Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Jeanine Stefanucci, William Thompson, Nathan Nash, Michael McCardell, "Egocentric Distance Perception in the Oculus Rift (DK2)"
  • Greg Rauhöft, Markus Leyrer, William Thompson, Roberta Klatzky, Jeanine Stefanucci, Betty Mohler, "Evoking and Assessing Vastness in Virtual Environments"
  • Bochao Li, Ruimin Zhang, Anthony Nordman, Scott Kuhl, "The Effects of Minification and Display Field of View on Distance Judgments in Real and HMD-based Environments"
Session Chair:
Posters & DemosSunday September 1317:40-19:00
  • Katja Zibrek, Evaluating the Uncanny Valley with the Implicit Association Test
  • Ruimin Zhang, James Walker, Scott Kuhl, Improving Redirection with Dynamic Reorientations and Gains
  • Hitomi Ohtaka, CG aided Makeup Design to Understand and Manipulate the Impression of Facial Look and Attractiveness
  • Lorraine Lin, Sophie Joerg, Do Cartoons Feel Pain? Using the Virtual Hand Illusion to Test Human Response to Degrees of Realism
  • Martin Schorradt, Katharina Legde, Susana Castillo, Douglas Cunningham, Integration and Evaluation of Emotion in an Articulatory Speech Synthesis System
  • Jeong KyungHo, Young Ah Seong, Junsung Chung, Yonggook Park, Woo-Hyoung Lee, Directional Thermal Perception For Wearable Device
  • Haley Adams, Chelsey Thompson, David Thomas, Farah Sharis, Catherine Grace Jernigan, Williams Betsy, The Effect of Interpersonal Familiarity on Cooperation in a Virtual Environment
  • Matthew Jackoski, William Kalescky, Joshua Ladd, William Cobb, Betsy Williams Sanders, Walking on Foot to Explore a Virtual Environment with Uneven Terrain
  • Srinivas Sridharan, James Pieszala, Reynold Bailey, Depth-Based Subtle Gaze Guidance in Virtual Reality Environments
Social Event TBDStarts at 19:30
RegistrationMonday September 148:30-9:00
Session 4: Stereo & High Frame RateMonday September 149:00-10:40
  • Petr Kellnhofer, Thomas Leimkuehler, Tobias Ritschel, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel, "What makes 2D-to-3D stereo conversion perceptually plausible?"
  • Michael Marianovski, Laurie M. Wilcox, Robert Allison, "Evaluation of the Impact of High Frame Rates on Legibility in S3D Film"
  • Takanobu Miwa, Yukihito Sakai, Shuji Hashimoto, "4-D Spatial Perception Established through Hypercube Recognition Tasks Using Interactive Visualization System with 3-D Screen"
  • Laurie M. Wilcox, Robert Allison, John Helliker, Bert Dunk, Roy Anthony, "Evidence that Viewers Prefer Higher Frame Rate Film"
Session Chair:
Coffee breakMonday September 1410:40-11:00
Keynote speakerMonday September 1411:00-12:00
Steve LaValle portrait

Steve LaValle is a keynote speaker for the Symposium on Applied Perception 2015.

LunchMonday September 1412:00-14:00
Session 5: Artefact Visibility and Guided Attention Monday September 1414:00-15:40
  • Rafal Piórkowski, Radoslaw Mantiuk, "Perceptual evaluation of game engine artefacts"
  • Jinjiang Guo, Vincent VIDAL, Atilla Baskurt, Guillaume Lavoué, "Evaluating the local visibility of geometric artifacts"
  • Srinivas Sridharan, Reynold Bailey, "Automatic Target Prediction and Subtle Gaze Guidance for Improved Spatial Information Recall"
  • Minghui Tan, Jean-Francois Lalonde, Lavanya Sharan, Holly Rushmeier, Carol O'Sullivan, "The Perception of Lighting Inconsistencies in Composite Outdoor Scenes"
Session Chair:
Coffee breakMonday September 1415:40-16:00
Session 6: Mixed Reality Monday September 1416:00-17:30
  • Morgan McCullough, Hong Xu, Joel Michelson, Matthew Jackoski, Wyatt Pease, William Cobb, William Kalescky, Joshua Ladd, Betsy Williams Sanders, "Myo Arm Swinging (MAS) to Explore a Virtual Environment"
  • Bobby Bodenheimer, Qiang Fu, "The Effect of Avatar Model in Stepping Off a Ledge in an Immersive Virtual Environment"
  • Mary Young, John Rieser, Bobby Bodenheimer, "Dyadic Interactions with Avatars in Immersive Virtual Environments: High Fiving"
  • Ajoy Fernandes, Ranxiao Wang, Daniel Simons, "Remembering the Physical As Virtual: Source Confusion and Physical Interaction in Augmented Reality"
Session Chair:
Closing session and business meetingMonday September 1417:30-18:30