Research can be submitted as a long paper (up to 8 pages + 20 min talk), a short paper (up to 4 pages + 15 min talk), or as a poster presentation (1 page abstract). Papers that are not accepted will automatically be considered for the poster session. Authors of posters accepted by this route will of course have the option to decline the opportunity to present a poster. Please check the formatting guidelines before submitting your work.

Important news for talk presenters. Long talks should be 15 mins + 5 mins question time. Short talks should be 12 mins + 3 mins question time.

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As last year, submission and review is handled through the ConfMaster system [], which is now on-line. If you experience any problems with the system, please don't hesitate to contact the administrators for help.

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Submission Deadlines


Tue, April 3, 2007



Wed, May 9, 2007