APGV04 Posters    (alphabetically ordered by title)

A Psychophysical Validation of Tone Mapping Operators using a High Dynamic Range Display
Patrick Ledda, Alan Chalmers, Helge Seetzen

A Survey of Color Spaces for Shadow Identification
Erum A. Khan, Erik Reinhard

Algorithms for Image Database Navigation and Tuning of Object Selective Neurons in the Non-Human Primate
Sarah Allred, Yan Liu, Bharathi Jagadeesh

An Experimental Investigation of Distance Perception in Real vs. Immersive Virtual Environments via Direct Blind Walking in a High-Fidelity Model of the Same Room
Victoria Interrante, Lee Anderson, Brian Ries

An Opponent Process Approach to Modeling the Blue Shift of the Human Color Vision System
Brian Barsky, Todd J. Kosloff Steven D. Upstill

Causes of depth perception errors in stereo displays
Reynald Hoskinson, Caitlin Akai, Brian Fisher

Collision and Attention
Carol O'Sullivan, Richard Lee

Color Apperance Models and Dynamic Range Reduction
Ahmet Oguz Akyuz, Erik Reinhard, Sumanta Pattanaik

Distance Perception and Cues to Distance in Virtual Reality
Ross Messing, Frank H. Durgin

Effective Color Coding of Menu Design for Movie Genres
Kyung Jae Lee, James L. Mohler

Enhancing the Perceived Depth in Images via Artistic Matting
Amy A. Gooch, Bruce Gooch

From Scene to Screen: Color Accuracy in Computer Simulations used for Psychophysics
Alexa I. Ruppertsberg, Marina Bloj

Gaze-Directed Streamline Seeding
Daisuke Watanabe, Xiaoyang Mao, Kenji Ono, Atsumi Imamiya

Image Appearance Modeling and High-Dynamic-Range Image Rendering
Mark D. Fairchild, Garrett M. Johnson, Jiangtao Kuang, Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Lightness Perception Inspired Tone Mapping
Grzegorz Krawczyk, Rafal Mantiuk, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel

Observations of Visual and Audio Coaching Methods in a Virtual Laparoscopic Training Environment
Mavis Chan, John Dill, Shahram Payandeh

Selective Rendering of Task Related Scenes
Veronica Sundstedt, Alan Chalmers, Kirsten Cater

Selective Rendering using Task-Importance Maps
Veronica Sundstedt, Kurt Debattista, Alan Chalmers

Statistical Analysis of Impressionist Color
Asako Fukumoto Dong Sheng Cai Michiaki Yasumura

Throwing vs. Walking as Indicators of Distance Perception in Real and Virtual Environments
Cynthia S. Sahm, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, William B. Thompson, Peter Willemsen

Using a 2D colon to guide 3D navigation in virtual colonoscopy
Jeanette C. Meng, Michael Halle

Using Facial Texture Manipulation to Study Facial Motion Perception
Mario Kleiner, Adirian Schwaninger, Douglas Cunningham, Barbara Knappmeyer

View dependence of complex versus simple facial motions
Christian Wallraven, Douglas W. Cunningham, Martin Breidt, Heinrich H. Bulthoff

Workspace Calibration via Perceptual Judgments
Rashmi Sundareswara, Paul Schrater